as 2012 rolls

I don’t do New Year’s resolutions – bar the dreaded January detox – however, I am a fan of fresh starts. And since kicking into a new set of twelve months falls into this category, I’d like to make note of what will happen.

This year, I’ll spend more time with my family. The only reason I haven’t been for the past decade, is because I’ve been 10,000 miles away. I’m back now, so this is an easy thing to do.

Next: novel completion. That’s right cult collective, I’m over Novel #1. Poetry one and two came and went, three will arrive July 2012 – The Carrier was shot (sequel coming) – but the novel needs to be put out there. Not in search of profit, more so as security of sanity. You can only spend so much time saying “it’s coming it’s coming it’s coming”.

FollowMeToNYC will be sorted out to a somewhat “organized” land where the close to 1,000 posts I’ve completed are available and presented in a way that enables visitors to peruse this
perpetually under construction land in a way that really reveals something about the crazy ride I’ve been on since starting it. A ride that’s taken me from Australia to New York City to Australia to New York City in and out of Connecticut and somehow plopped me in a Manhattan high-rise with river views to FINISH THE BLOODY NOVEL.

It’s all happening.

As 2012 rolls, I’m going to be more honest about who I am. And more diligent about learning how to express the pieces I still can’t explain.

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