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My head has been exploring so many territories that September 21 came and went – that means we’re kicking into year four here in blog land. Three years strong behind me.

I think the last twelve months have been the craziest. FollowMeToNYC came to be to get to New York City and write, and for the past year that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. That’s not all… I landed a crazy job and married a crazy boy who I am mad about. The puppies flew here, I finished another poetry book (coming soon), I managed to swing my own back yard in the land of New York City, three out of my four sisters have disowned me for an undisclosed period of time, and I went through intense therapy to teach myself that my first husband wasn’t as great as I thought perhaps.

I guess I can sum up everything I’m trying to say in three words, “That’s some shit.”

I’ve been sticking to my two thousand words a day plan. It’s stressful. I have so many chunks of book to sort, weaving it into novel number one is tricky. I reckon it will all pay off in the future. I mean, once I bang the first novel out finally, surely agents will crash down my door looking for what else I got.

I got lots.

My brain has come full circle in all of these crazies. If you read my early posts, I complain a lot about having to work jobs I don’t like and deal with icky life bits to try to get to the city. I honestly didn’t see anything that came along with that coming, and usually I’m pretty good at taking decent guesses.

I didn’t think transitioning from Australia back here would be so hard. And it’s not the place that’s made it difficult, it’s the people. I think when I was living down under for a decade, the time I spent made me forget about why I left in the first place.

All that aside, I think I’ve got a decent picture now about that past and future of what I’ve returned to. Some of it makes me sad. I’m not going to think about it though.

I’m going to finish a bloody novel.

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  1. It’s a novel that so many of us are eagerly anticipating gorgeous Gretchen x
    Love these tender thinking pieces too 😀
    Love, light and laughter

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