i throw wednesdays. to tuesday.

Today is Wednesday. I’ve checked a few times so far. I have had a vision that gets brighter with every breathe… Monday, Tuesday Wednes… etc.

I’ve been asking my best friends to pinch me more than usual lately. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned that. Plus, I’ve been listening to some lyrical tracks:

Got the club going up, on a Tuesday…

This particular lyric reminds me of the 24-hour wonderland that I’ve grown so accustomed to. It stretches my smiles and flexes my thighs.

She said they call her...”

Meanwhile, our soul circle swam around me recently in the most marvelous, eye-opening way.

Bobbing seems to be suiting me.

I always write. Different pieces come through. I know, for a fact, there’s knowledge in what I am dripping right now. Considering how life is being twisted and spun in ways I’ll soon get into, my momentary mantra is be still.

Be very, very still.

“… on a Tuesday.”


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