back in oz

After three flights, four shocking airplane meals and two Augusten Burroughs books I am back in the land of down under! I’m a bit out of sorts and shall spend the rest of the day rolling around with puppies and being very lazy.

It is a period of wild readjustment. I am already sourcing out a new writing nook in my present abode, the couch on the front porch is looking sweet…

The weight of my energy is going towards completing a novel. Poetry is still everywhere however I am at the point where I will not be satisfied until I produce a feature length book of a different genre.

I went wandering briefly in the hood to beat jet lag shortly after arriving back. There’s a strip of cafes hiring down the street from me. I’m thinking book Writer / cafe mistress might be the route for me at the moment.

Times like this are always most exciting, when once again everything I know is uprooted. When nothing in life is making sense and top insanity is reached…

Get ready for some serious writing cultclan… can’t stop now. In a lot of ways, we’re simply restarting, remixing, if you will.

The word of gretchen cello: southern hemisphere remix (dub step puppy style).

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