back to the world

After a couple of day hiatus, I am returning back to the world. image

It was an entertaining five-day spree of flying around, sister cackles, hugs, puppies along with the usual plotting and scheming.

I am ever plotting and scheming.

I visited a Massachusetts beach and sucked in as much salty air as my lungs could contain. I made friends from California and Maine while I was waiting for flights.

This morning I drank coffee with a placid BMXer and ranted about my next holiday. Considering how many lovers are visiting from Shenzhen, I’m putting serious consideration into a December holiday there to run around a bit. If not December, during the months to follow.

I haven’t been to China yet…

With Sperlonga ever in my sights, I’m uncertain if I’ll be dipping overseas just yet. There are opportunities here I am enjoying being involved in. Ideas have been popping about and different word projects bounce here and there.

I guess after being miserable for nearly two months straight, I’m happy to bobbing along once again. image

Winter is creeping in here in the city. My favorite part of December is hands down holiday decorations. Trees and dreidels galore, and everything is glitter.

The people on the sidewalks also make the season, everyone is in a certain awe of the pop up wonderland that literally seems to grow around us over night. For example, when I returned from my quick dip to Boston; I was greeted by a 30 foot tree in the lobby of my building.

Something about winter makes you inadvertently hibernate. The sun goes down at 4.30, the atmosphere turns into ice. I’m getting ready for three months of freezing.

And dreaming of my next tropical adventure

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