love light drifting in a beautiful, musical world

Considering that a vast collection of my pieces fall into the ‘dark’ category, people are often surprised when they meet me in person. I like writing dark and living light.

A very good friend of mine actually emailed me the other day after reading some of my new work to make sure I was ok. Sometimes I don’t even realize how hard my words can hit… I think that’s kind of hot.

The irony is that I’m actually a magical green fairy floating around, love spreading. Sure we all wear a few hats in our daily roles – but that’s my main one. I’ve accepted that I can’t change the entire world, but I can make someone’s day. I make a point to do that every day, brighten a life… bring out a smile.

Since I started my daily posts here on FollowMeToNYC I have been insanely blessed to have my life brightened by an enormous collection of beautiful souls who have found one another through sharing our creative mediums. Every single day someone lights my world with something smashing, and it always seems to be exactly what the doctor ordered.

Today that someone was the wildly talented Gerri McLaughlin. I have been enjoying a cocktail of coffee, cloudy sky, and his jazzy soul sounds all afternoon… writing some lighter pieces so my friends don’t worry about me as much…

Indulge blog family! Music is one of the most sacred gifts that life offers. Love to Gerri for all the smiles he brings! Life to me is nothing without our soul circle to dance through it with.

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2 thoughts on “love light drifting in a beautiful, musical world

  1. Sister G, you have just rocked my world, I am honoured to have my jazzasslovenik sounds on your blog, with a humble and smiling heart I am truly touched, a huge Onelove to your beautiful heart and SoulLightStar!!!

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