exploring the world… pretending there’s no goodbye…

Chris leaves tomorrow but we’re not discussing it. Instead we’re pretending goodbye isn’t twelve hours away… and we’re on our way out to the drag bar in really cute outfits.

Video is being compiled…

I’ve explored more of my neighborhood with Chris over the past two weeks than I have since getting back to Australia in November. The main reason for this, between you and I, is that usually when left to my own devices down here with no one around and nothing to do but trip over my books and panic about not being in New York City… I lock myself up a bit. Depression does that I guess. You spend a fair amount of time staring at walls and breathing in odd patterns.

Never the less, I’ve had (am still having) super fun times with one of my most favorite people and ticking off days until my June visit to Queens. 

I didn’t hear anything about job having on Friday. I’m not really bent over it, I have a knack at making aimless drifting look effortless and classy-like.

On the writing tip: books are spilling and being born in various ways. It will be sweet to know if I have dough coming in to fund them, I suppose I might learn more about that next week.

Tonight I’m going to Prahan with one of my favorite people for playtime and mischief causing.

I miss my New York City family.

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