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I’ve officially managed to make myself sick. After sleeping through approximately seventeen hours of yesterday, my mind greeted my alarm clock this morning with a firm, “NO!”

I am fortunate to have outstanding physical health. This is the first time I’ve been unwell since I can remember. During my rare instances of sick, I don’t view it as a physical imbalance. I do it to myself when my head isn’t right. And for what it’s worth, I usually appreciate the reminder to redirect my thoughts.

I’m a firm believe that minds are the most wonderful and dangerous feature a creature possesses.

So here I am with a fever and scratchy throat that I will tend to today with warm honey-sweetened herbal tea and a collection of naps. In between, I’m going to have an honest look at the projects I have on. I have some amazing things happening that I have been somewhat ignoring as I dwell in solitude and write letters to life like:

Dear Life,

If ever you were going to throw me a bone, now would be great… for real. Cheers.

Yours truly,

gretchen cello

After my Saturday evening of all things French, I’ve been thinking a lot about language. I wish I was fluent in every other language out there. It blows my mind that I have so many readers in Italy and Portugal…

Per la nostra famiglia in Italia, la tua bellezza risplende in modoluminoso. E ‘una benedizione di vederti qui ogni giorno.

Caro splendida Portogallo, grazie per aver visitato per dire ciao. Mi lasci con la più ampia sorrisi.

Wearing yourself out brings some benefits. It reminds you to love yourself and everything around you.

Love to you all my delectable cult. Your presence and support stuns and shakes me on a daily basis. x o x


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