data romance. the deep. waking me up.

As our daily readers can vouch for, I’ve been somewhat monotonous lately. “Blah blah blah job… boo hoo new york… blah sick… poor me… blah…”

On top of this, editing Poetry: Volume two is delivering a serious beating. Ever retraced a year of your life in consecutive verse?

I rest my case.

Last night I was kicking around youtube listening to hip hop in various languages to perk myself up. And somehow, amongst clicking, I came across one of the most ravishing combinations of audio and visual stimulation I have encountered…

And with it, naturally, came the first real poem I’ve written since leaving New York City. By “real” I mean it’s the sort where I had to take breaks to pull my hair in between verses whilst embracing my world with the staggering sounds of Data Romance. Flooding from my pen came what will be the first inclusion of Poetry: Volume three


This is why I do it.

how to break attempt to shatter

he changes the patterns. i spin.
i exhale amber howls. melt into
gold. inside a cube of mirrors.

alone. i am pressing. splintered
tranquility. i split with shadows,
sharing. my ways of recollection.

our conflation erupts metallic
elixir. alters my icy impressions.
petrichor steps. adumbrative plea.

and he. and i. evanescent.
hot wax along my collar bone.
silk ribbon laced wrists. ethereal.

my fugaciousness. my lassitude.
lack of propinquity leaves me
reaching. yes flavored fingertips.

exquisite evocation. he sings to me
language unused. imbuing. amore.

and bleeding stops before my eyes.



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