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Aussie Rules football is the gridiron of Melbourne in terms of popularity. My first response witnessing the sport back in 2002 was, “Wait… they don’t wear pads?”

Outside of my job today there was some shoe company promotion thing happening which wasn’t very exciting, but what was exciting was seeing players from the Collingwood Magpies wandering about. If you’d like to experiment with the popularity of Aussie Rules down under, try googling “Collingwood” and have a look at the first hit.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t sweat famous people. However in the name of the blog, and to appease my daily cult checkers-in, it seemed more than appropriate to snap a shot with a footy player as the season down under just begins to take flight.

Mr Heritier O’Brien (who goes by Harry) was nice enough to let me take a photo with his beautiful self for our blog of all things word-like, thank you Harry! All famous people should be just like you! Oh! And it seems only proper to throw in a: GO THE PIES!!

Speaking of hot, fit, people – I had my first session at the gym today where many hot, fit people were lurking. Since returning from New York City, the whole eating my way out of depression and guzzling red wine has finally reached a halt. I had a session with a trainer a few hours ago who told me that my starting weight is her goal weight. Then she told me I have no balance.

… and then I nearly fell down the stairs on my way out.

Not a bad start… I’ve got seven weeks to snap in shape before NEW YORK CITY! It’s coming quick!!




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