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Over the past 72 hours I’ve somewhat transformed into a mush of flesh moving here and there, working a lot still. I haven’t been very social. I have six days left of this trip. It went too fast like I knew it would.

Yesterday I discussed more work things. I haven’t gained any certainty yet, so perhaps I might hear something next week.

This stiff position of waiting and running out of time is ineffable. Meanwhile, I saw a friend of mine a few quick times before they were whisked away to European Seas. I’m finding this brief interaction is also contributing to my present state of stand-off-ish.

Man did those first two weeks fly…

As I progress into the final week of this voyage to the opposite side of the world, once again I am left reflecting on the ups and downs of how I dwell in two hemispheres.

If I had the week I just had in New York City with my Australian tribe around, we would be kicking off an intense weekend of opt-shop therapy and mulled wine musing.

Anticipating the upcoming week, and actually owning up to the fact that I’ll be on a plane Friday seems impossible at the moment.

Thankfully I have family down under to steady me on my feet when I land and help me focus on what comes next.

I imagine that’s going to be some book of sorts.

… back to work.

2 thoughts on “blah blah… etc…

  1. Oh babe, how this photo makes me smile – it was SUCH a lovely day. And when you come back, it’s just one memory jewel slid along the ribbon of your Melbourne life, with many more to come. You have so, so many people here waiting for you…and I’m going to be at the head of the line.

    My little red notebooks have been working overtime too…can’t wait to clink mulled wine glasses and trade inky stories!

    You have been sorely missed, Juanita X

    1. I wish you were over here frolicking in the sunshine with me! I have so much to tell you, I gag on syllables just thinking about it. Can’t wait to see you this weekend! I land phone-less some time Saturday… alas I will find you!

      Now to just somehow deal with all the other bits between and beyond… x

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