blah blah blah moving blah poetry

The current phase of blah moving blah blah poetry is a whirlwind of days spinning in and out of me.

Many fun things are also occurring on the in between. Meeting Artists from all over the world… being inspired…

Something about changing space is always inspiring. Days start to feel lighter to me through the uncertain shifts that take place whenever I move. One of those periods where so much is happening at once you couldn’t possibly rattle it all off.

So instead you focus on holding on.

… and writing poetry.

un-invitation (turning into visits)

Entertained by shaking
hands. Already gripping.
An awkward gesture.
Like me with a knotted tongue.
Whenever we are addressed
with formality. I extend
a limb. Something physical.
To twirl me in.
Against a chest
heartbeats pound. Prolonged resistance.
Fill me.
With every octave of your voice.
Deeper. Away from
Whispers. Suggested
Routes to replace roots.
But there are already seeds
in my garden
shining steady
… your light.

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