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IMG_5778I’m about three days outside of my TWO YEARS BACK in New York City anniversary. I was thinking about what Australia was like after two years, it essentially took me that long to settle into life. Moving from country to country takes a bit of adjusting.

The saddest thing about being back is missing who I left behind down under. I guess that’s how life works though, humans come and go – you carry on as need be.

I feel like I got my dating spree out of my system. It was fun, I went to few nice restaurants. I realize it sounds gloomy to say, and everyone in the world likes the, “Once you meet someone that will change,” line… but I reckon I’m going to fold at the relationship table for a hot minute. I’m too erratic in intimate circumstances. I’d rather just tread the surface with a variety of simplistic acquaintances right now than dive back into anything deep. Because while the poetry from depth is usually my favorite, the time and process it takes me to come up to breath after another man-induced emotional hurricane becomes more arduous as I get older.

After this week, I have TWO WEEKS OFF! While I initially had romantic visions of Europe or the western U.S., I’ve made the executive decision to once again, hide in the forest. While I enjoyed the one week off I’veIMG_5804 had in the past two years, it really didn’t cut it. Also, the puppies do an amazing job at city living – but they need a break too. Considering that the last week I took went by in a blink, I’m hoping that a double dose of that will leave me relaxed.

I’ve come across a few blah-gs by other writers who basically were published and then advised by their publisher to start blah-ging to promote their book. I like how once my novel comes out, anyone interested can flip through this page and see the life happening around me while it was written.

I just need to finish it. Two weeks of nothing but book, forest and puppies is sounding quite divine.

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