cheap food. spectacular day.

“Have you been here before?”

“No. I was living overseas, I just got back a few days ago.”

“I didn’t think so, I’d remember your face.”

“I’m Gretchen.”


This was the conversation that took place during my lunch purchase of $3.47.

$3.47 is less than what I was paying for a coffee living in Melbourne. And look at what I’m eating! Fresh avocado, stuffed tofu, wild rice, dolmades, kimchi, ┬ávegetable sushi, roast brussels sprout, and grilled asparagus.


Furthermore, I purchased a $1.00 coffee walking along 7th Avenue this morning and was cheered along by two fabulous Greek men in a breakfast truck with, “There you go mommy! You have a good day now, right? You have yourself an excellent day!”

My day has actually been spectacular.

Tomorrow marks one week of being in the US. I’ve started a new job that I love doing (yes, processing technical data pleases my brain cells); I’ve set off operation apartment; and my shoulders have slightly relaxed from their recent position of attaching themselves to the bottom of my ears in shivering tension.

The stress of transitioning from Australia back to New York City is slowly melting away.

I’m home blog family! Home. Working. Booking. Etc.

Pretty soon I’ll be so settled it will be time to explore…

It’s my birthday this weekend and it falls on a SATURDAY! Last year, on my first birthday in NYC for eight years, the festivities lasted a week or so.

This year it will be more low key… I swear. Maybe I’ll just go eat my sister’s garden like last weekend… oh my God I’m TOTALLY HOOOOOOOME!!!

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  1. Oh Darling you sound so happy, I can’t believe how cheap the food is, wow….I’m so envious…and I spend $8 a day on two coffees…huge sigh.. Love you xxx

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