that book proposal. a thousand posts.

There are a thousand posts drifting amongst the waves of FollowMeToNYC…

I suppose with all of that bloody content, I must complete my book proposal!

There are a few reasons why I haven’t finished it yet. Mainly, there was no happy ending. And I needed one. See, I believe in happy endings – a lot. I guess that’s why the two disasters I married were so tedious to manage. There was never going to be a happy ending, I never sincerely believed it for a minute with either of them.

Never the less. My un-crankiness has reached new heights and I am expanding my consciousness. It’s about time I’d say.

I was bugging for a minute.

IMG_0738Winter in New York City is driving most people mad as every day essentially delivers another Polar Vortex. Fronkles is still itchy and Blue Pearl still thinks I’m giving them another $600 for doing absolutely not one damn thing.

I’m trying to focus on relaxing. A mate of mine recently commented on my habit to stop breathing. I never really noticed that I hold my breathe before. I’m trying to undo that and I think it will help with my book proposal.

In addition to the nonfiction book, I’m still mulling over poetry in preparation for a “lost files” edition. Another idea I’m contemplating is a combined collection of poetry, short stories and perhaps some photos.

Oh inspiration, how I missed you so.

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