brisbane and bouncing around

Brisbane smells like frangipanis and jasmine; it tastes like Thai and Indian food; sounds like lorikeets and kookaburras; looks electric green and feels like sunshine.

Yesterday afternoon was spent wandering, watching, and (of course) writing about my new sensory reactions to my present place of residence. I stress the ‘present place’ because I’ve moved ten times in the past ten years. Someone called me a gypsy once, I wrote a poem about it.

Although my nervous breakdown tendencies were in red alert leading up to my NYC departure… the transition back to this half of life went smooth. Now it’s all about getting all the work I’ve done over the past four months sorted out and ready for the next leg.

Since relocating to AUS in 2002, I reckon we’ve spent somewhere in the ballpark of 25k traveling back and forth. I can honestly say that I don’t care about the cash, it’s the lifestyle adjustments I’m after…

Which is why my existence as a successful Writer is imperative… so I better get back to work…


where you realize you’re
… back where you started.
with more –
about (telling)
living in a place;
with one destination putting you right
… you began.

2 thoughts on “brisbane and bouncing around

  1. Enjoy your summer! Sounds wonderful there. Good luck with your writing.

    1. Thank you Joanne! I look forward to watching your writing unravel as well 🙂 It’s amazing what refreshing your space can do…

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