get up, stand up

I’ve been considering going to some open mics. I may have mentioned previously my logic for getting into stand-up comedy. Mainly it’s direct feedback for Writing. I’ve said time and time again I don’t really care what type of Writing I’m doing, as long as my time involves building things with words, I’m usually happy.

The stand-up comedy scene in Brisbane is not good. I’m smiling by how tactfully I stated that…

One of my main issues is that amateur comedians have to book for open mics. Give me a break. When I was doing early shows in New York City, yeah, you have to book… because there are things like drink minimums and a requirement of bringing in a certain amount of people to see you… that’s why they call it a ‘pre-show’.

That’s not what an open mic is.

In Brisbane an open mic is a bunch of amateur comedians having a go in front of a group of random pub dwellers on a dead weeknight or Sunday evening. Anyone that feels like crawling out of the crowd and getting their funny on should be able to. I think it’s really lame having to phone up and actually ‘book in’ for something that gets you zero creds / cash.

However I still like writing jokes and holding a microphone is fun so I imagine I’ll go up over the next few weeks…

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