building sites. holding tight.

IMG_5389 I have been ill busy building a new webpage for my job. That actually happened. It launches in an hour, so you can imagine what my weekend has been like banging keys and reading screens. Truth be told, I’ve learned more about making stuff in Internet land in the past two weeks than I have since launching FollowMeToNYC world in 2009.

I’m not sure how I really feel about any of it… but I still dream of prettying this site one day.

Also, I reckon it’s time to start getting published soon. Something like that. I’m holding tight.IMG_5379

Speaking of holding tight, I feel it is necessary to shout out Lily Peanut today. On top of being┬ásomeone who prefers dogs to any other living force on this planet, generally speaking, I’m also a real sucker for genuine loyalty. I think it’s one of the most difficult things to find on Earth. Love comes and goes like tides. Loyalty is usually in locked boxes, someplace hidden and buried on a deserted island. The true loyalty I have experienced in this life so far has come from parents and pets – particularly dogs.

IMG_5367Lily Peanut is essentially the center of my Universe. Frankie Boggles is a unique blessing in himself… but Peanut has been with me now on two continents, through two husbands, five jobs, four houses, three poetry books… know what I mean?

Dear Lily Peanut

Granted all dogs are seraphic, you are uniquely magical and I praise heaven for you every day. Life has been truly mad for a bit now, I am lucky to have you to take care of me.

x o x g.

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