lollypops. etc.

Dear Blog Family

The last five days have been eventful. Tales of before and now and future address me during the hottest days that this New York City summer has seen.

IMG_5254You know what I have to say about that? Toughen up Yankees! I’m tired of hearing people complain that it’s too hot – particularly considering the arctic gusts of air conditioning that sent this city into blackout those years back.

My air conditioner is busted and my landlord doesn’t want to fix it because it’s going to cost two grand. Why does it cost two grand? Because apparently it’s a heating+a/c system. Suddenly it makes sense why I  was freezing my ass off all winter!

Who knew?!

Never the less, in true landlord style, homie doesn’t want to pay. It’s just about as enjoyable as dealing with real estate agents. Lucky for him, I don’t really give a rats whether he fixes it or not. I’m going to move somewhere else soon enough, in my once every twelve months fashion. In the meantime, I’ll keep sweating out summer. I like it. It reminds me of Queensland.

In other news, a boy brought me a lollypop recently; I’m working fifteen hour days; I wrote a poem the other day; the puppies are both very happy.

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  1. You look sweet 🙂 it does not surprise me that having no air-con is not bothering you, you’d not let something like a bit of heat get to you..I love what you’ve done to your webpage…missing you x

    1. It seriously feels exactly like Queensland, needless to say – my farm house in Oxley didn’t have a/c either 😉 xoxox

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