no, we can’t be friends

IMG_2105Everyone has opinions on whether to still be mates with someone after you shag. My stance? Oh hell no.

There are a few reasons that set me in this position. Being a serial bride, I’m used to an inkling¬†of committment. And a breakup, is exactlty that. A break of committment. When committment breaks, someone has decided the sexual relationship is over.

That’s when I bounce, blog family.

My three best friends in New York City are male and I have never had sex with any of them. Alas one is gay, but the others are not. And we’re all open people. Still, no sex has been had because they are my friends and I don’t fuck my friends. I realize some people do, and that’s perfectly ok. I reckon I’m just busy… I don’t have time to dedicate to meaningless romps of any sort. Plus I would never risk ruining what I have with my best friends who I have known for years for a roll in the sheets.

Besides, if I break up with someone – I’m sure my next boyfriend won’t be very happy to learn I’m hanging out with dudes I used to shag. That makese no sense.

So that’s my two cents about break ups. I’m all nostalgic after this kid that I liked let me know we apparently aren’t in a “relationship”.

Don’t get it twisted though blog tribe. Last night I blasted Remi Ma with a bacardi pineapple, bopping in my living room, to celebrate another productive evening of banging out that book. Regardless of what dude comes along, or how much they might punch my guts. – I stay focused.

Remy Ma just got out, three days ago¬† – welcome home Remy. Here’s my favorite track of hers, it also happens to be one of my favorite break up songs.

It’s Whuteva.


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