what is love. my homies.

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IMG_1807My homies and I have been chatting love recently. Last night I had an intersting conversation about the concept of Love. I love everyone. Even human creatures that I up front can’t stand, deep down I love them. I have to. Even my ex-husband who I really can’t stand, I still have to love him universally. Otherwise I think I’d be a shitty human, that’s just how I live.

So during our love conversation I naturally bitched about “dating” or “seeing people” or however this strange ritual of eating with humans, going places, shagging, etc. somehow might equivocate to a possible “relationship”.

Recently I knocked around with someone for close to two months, we shagged a few times, had a couple of laughs. And when I queried if we were in a “relationship” I was advised, “No, I don’t think so.”

My homie last night was trying to explain to me that I move too quick. Having to learn “dating” at 35, when you’ve been married since you were 23, frankly, fucking sucks. According to my mate, “It’s New York City, you just, like, see a lot of people, and then see what happens.”

I thought that’s what I’ve been doing . But I apparently made the mistake of actually liking someone. And I guess whenIMG_2046 you’re dating, you can’t actually like someone until a six to eight month period minimum, or something like that.

I’m knee deep in book at the moment, so I don’t really fancy going on dates. Besides, for me to actually “like” two humans in twelve months was epic. I’m going to hold onto the happy times and forget about how most people are too frightened to feel anything.

I’m done dating for a minute. I’d rather just wait for real love.

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