change this. fix that.

IMG_3880The blah-g is mess-ville love tribe. Our loyal cult affiliates likely noticed the new template. I’ve used this one before, it seems like a reasonable band-aid. I’ve done about 1,100 posts. The terms “category” and “tag” are very loose in these parts.

Last night I was looking at various pretty blogs. While I like how mine has the appearance of an old scrapbook, covered in coffee stains with favorite pages dog-eared – I need… I don’t know. Order?

There are a lot of places where I need to keep my life very organized. Like paying my zillion dollar rent on time, and sling syllables effectively and on-time at work. I understand that the chaos of FollowMeToNYC content could be more efficiently explored with a touch of organization…

IMG_3843But seriously, mate, I can’t be stuffed. I’m crazy busy running around Central Park and sitting on my roof finishing off Novel.

Cue Craigslist.

My plan is to go on Craiglist and recruit someone to read things and also… yes. I’m not quite sure what goes into cleaning up 43 months of my life into, I don’t know… a pretty blah-g?

This encompasses living in two countries, four states, seven abodes, two (down to sadly one) puppies, two (thankfully down to zero) husbands, a handful of jobs, my favorite and best job with also, three poetry books, a movie and a handful of stories and novel bits.

Sweet Lord. Send me a Craiglist Angel.

I’m going to work on penning an advertisement today. If it’s interesting enough, I’ll post it in these parts later on.

Dear Craigslist

Please send an organizer-web-pixie of sorts to wave a wand at my page in exchange for my wordsmith style.

Love, Gretchen

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