i’ve got a problem

So I’ve been living in New York City for 18 months strong. Life alters in a USA existence compared to ten years in Australia.

My mates down under used to giggle at me throwing in an east-coast US “word” ¬†or “what’s good?” When you’re the odd one out, you don’t really spend much time thinking of what makes you different… you’re more tapped into the things happening around that you’ve never seen or heard.

For example, I never expected to call anyone “mate…” mate.

God I love words.

Filthy hiphop makes me happy. When I was 11, I taped (yeah, taped) my sister’s NWA album and remember loving how profanities felt. At the end of the day, they’re just more words – different collections of letters. And yet they evoke all sorts of emotion and debate when people sling them around.

If findin somebody real is your fuckin problem, bring your girl to the crib – maybe we can solve them.


2 thoughts on “i’ve got a problem

  1. Love it… to this day I still know all the words to Li’l Kim’s ‘How many licks’…

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