Come fly with me! Let’s fly! Let’s fly awaaay!!

DSCN1937NEW YORK OR BUST!!! The Biggie Smalls marathon has been in full effect from late night into the early hours of this morning. I’ve been chanting lyrics like mantras and taking myself back to my NYC vibe… hoodies, MET cards, pizza, etc.

It’s about to get hectic.

Right… off to the airport I go. No more nervous breakdown (for the moment), let’s talk about why my trip is going to be hot…

Most importantly… my PEOPLE. I roll with a small, tight crowd containing an eclectic mix containing an insane gaggle of relatives, some sexy drag queens, various pop culture commentators, a handful of stand up comedians, and of course… the new family I will discover during my four month stint!! Hooray for new playmates!!

Photo 84The PURPOSE. The reasoning behind this madness rocks my world, regardless of all the heart attacks I’ve had over the past few days… I’ve never been let loose as a Writer for such a long period of time in my entire life. Part of my multiple ‘wahs’ lately are stemming from having never not ‘worked’ since I was 15. But for what it’s worth, I’ve gotten more real work over the past two weeks than ever before.

So this is IT!!!! Next entry will by live from my parent’s crib… then we’ll get into the next phase of figuring things out. And most importantly… WRITING WRITING WRITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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