complexity of a page, simplicity of poetry

I spent some time earlier getting my head around the figure of 100 000+ … that’s how many pages have been read here in my small pocket of the electronic universe since starting my daily rants back in late September. 47 000 cult members have checked in to say ‘What up’ … or to say nothing and silently stalk… which is equally as hot.

After two months of feeling sorry for myself and my emotional inflictions, I opened the dreaded anthology file. I’m glad I took a break because if I had attempted to view it say, five weeks earlier, I would have started to chant ‘I SUCK!’ while deleting files as quick as my fingers can move.

One of my tendencies…

Considering that I’m flying solo in operation book I’ve decided to dice my short stories and do an exclusive poetry book, first off. Afterwards I’ll shape the stories into some type of volume 2.

If anyone would like to speak up about this, now would be a fantastic time to do so. Otherwise, proceed with the silent stalking… you know how happy it makes me my darlings. x o x

I just don’t think it makes sense to smash everything together. So one book poetry, one book of short pieces. Maybe one day I’ll even have a look at those pesky novels floating about.

The word count thing is messing with my head for no reason other than neurosis. Considering the tens of thousands of words I’ve banged out in my time, the fact that my first ‘published’ book is going to be like 10,000 words all up fucks with my head. I realize this makes no sense, and I legitimately believe that the way I connect with humans through poetic means is real reasoning to have a book available…

So I’ll keep working on it… and talking to myself… 278 consecutive posts in… we all know how much I love doing that…

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