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Namaste blog family

You know, something that’s beat about daily blogging… all of your mates can essentially check in on you every day.

Clearly I’m a huge fan of liaising with the cult every day. However, you know when you have those days when you think “Man, someone should probably call me right now…”

I find that I tend to have those days less and less because I’ve grown used to people reading about me. Many conversations in my life kick off with “So… I was reading on your page…”


Anyways. I think I found an apartment I like. It’s very expensive, so I’m trying to stall until Thursday when I actually see a local paycheck after the government is done with it.

Real estate agents are usually pushy. My mission a la house has be stressed out beyond belief. Contracts genuinely make me vomit and a 12 month lease feels like 6 years to me.

Still, I need a place. I feel book burning at my fingertips every day but am too busy sobbing over homelessness to get much writing done.

This should conclude shortly.

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