down came the rain & washed the spider out

Whenever I tell people that I live in Australia they start rattling off the top most poisonous things they’ve heard that live here. For example, ‘Isn’t Australia that place with the snakes that eat babies and killer sharks… and those frogs…’

To some extent… yes. But it’s mostly the spiders and ants and other bite-y creatures I try to avoid.

This morning a spider that reminded me of the hermit crabs we used to see in beach shops down the shore was lounging outside my front door. I have no idea which spiders are poisonous and which ones devour humans in their entirety. When I consulted a local about the spider he said, ‘I wouldn’t worry too much. It’s only half the size of the blue one I saw up in Cairns.’

And some poetry occurred in between…

lightning storm (a desert mirage)

what brought us together
gathered beneath
an electric sky.
moist body atmosphere.
charcoal grey world.
cast shadows.
a privacy. what we worshipped
we required. protection
we craved.
forcibly exposed sky
shooting sentiment
lit. our. world.
skin blankets
containing possessions of
results. body jolts.
connection. claimed. with erratic silver streaks.
dancing and demanding above.
running clouds. reshaped
moments. waiting.
the promise of
shock you back.
zapped. too.
one true

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  1. I’ve been singing that song to Toast all day Gretch! and then I drop by and see your title, freaky,

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