driving in the dark. soaking in the sun.

Sometimes days turn into nothing but long moments extending through thoughts that cannot sacrifice themselves to rest until you complete them.

In the instance of gretchen cello, sometimes these periods last for what might seem like a long time, if time held any impact on the processing requirements life hits humans with at varying stages.

I’ve been awake for three days.

I have wheels this week. Part of my attraction toward city dwelling is the lack of vehicle requirement. My preferred mode of transport is feet, wandering from here to there is a much sweeter way to observe life unraveling around you than in the confines of a metal box running on fuel that, let’s face it, is destroying the planet and somehow convincing humans to kill each other.

I digress…

Since I grew up in the sticks having to drive a bit, it’s something I naturally adjust to when required – sticking to back roads with all the windows rolled down… and music playing louder than I should probably be listening to it.

Beneath a recent night sky on what day I am uncertain, the moon was so bright headlights were optional. It was one of those nights where you prefer no music at all because it interrupts the voice of the stars.

In between blankets of black kissing down silver globes of light, the summer sun in the northern hemisphere is granting me wishes. And the breeze inside the daylight is still reminding me that nothing is more powerful than intuition.

Here’s to another day of writing…

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