IMG_0028Well, I snapped blog family. After about two months, I am once again with phone. Truth be told, the talking bits weren’t what I missed… I missed the gadgety bits… particularly the camera.

Naturally, I’ve already thrown my new phone once – I’m glad I got that out of the way quickly. There’s a big old chip on the top corner. It made me smile, various imperfections please me in an odd way.

While I was running around the Mac store on 5th Avenue last weekend rejoicing over having a pocket-sized happy-snapper to click my city and share with you all once more, I decided I also needed a IMG_0003new laptop.


While I love my chunky white plastic dinosaur Macbook whose battery lovingly left us all last summer after a hard four years running, my sexy-ass fits-in-your-handbag Macbook Air had me slightly wetting my pants in the shop.

Sometimes it’s good to spoil yourself with creature comforts. I’ve been IMG_0039plugging a lot of words on my iPad lately. Now, with a laptop that only weighs a couple more grams… I can take it with me everywhere!

My love / hate feelings toward technology make me barf over my excitement on one end, but on the other hand… I CAN BRING MY LAPTOP EVERYWHERE!

Just think of all the clacking! I busted it out on the subway today, during lunch and a few other chunky bits of minutes where my brain yelped “Quick, quick! Add that!”

And dig the pretty shots of park and Peanut!

To gadgets!