happy 4 july

My return to blahg-ville has been hushed. Most of my time is spent with my latest book, so I haven’t been much in the zone of blah-g.

I’ve also been spending a lot of time with new people who have recently appeared in my life. The way that life goes in waves and peaks is certainly something that never stops, until we eventually kick it and float into the next realm.

1 September marks me being in Manhattan for six years. After the despair I didn’t see coming from a marriage I probably shouldn’t have been in, there’s a peace and true happiness that’s taken over.

I’ve kicked off two months of working from home. Baffling is an understatement. This webpage started eight years ago with me trying to figure out how to get to the city and write full time. At the moment, I’m sipping black coffee with all of my windows open, in the center guts of Manhattan – joyously clicking keys.

There’s a warm breeze wrapping my shoulders and two furry creatures napping next to me. The strength, diligence and tolerance that got me to this place – it’s beyond anything I saw coming.

I have fallen more deeply in love with the city than I ever was. The opportunities she carved for me and souls that roam here have made me feel settled for the first time in my life. Considering I’m soon to walk into the last year of my 3rd decade, this is uniquely special to me.

Over the past week or so: I visited various cigar bars with a Turkish companion in a few instances and a new friend from Spain in the other; indulged in seafood with Statue of Liberty views in the company of a native Manhattan fellow-Writer soul; styled out at a swanky Manhattan steak house with one of Brooklyn’s finest; and rolled in summer grass at various water fronts with a few of my favorite people on Earth.

Happy 4 July darlings, and to my fellow locals – enjoy kissing the sun. We only get it for about eight weeks around here.

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