happy birthday to ME

It’s not even 6am yet – so far I’ve already received a birthday message from my father and Timothy has sung happy birthday to me three times. He also built me a custom desk for my birthday. Now I can sit on the floor to type, and the puppies can sit in my lap as they tend to demand.

Because you know they arrive this Friday…

This is the third birthday I’ve spent in the land of FollowMeToNYC. The three year anniversary of my page is just about touchable. I guess birthdays get you thinking about stuff like anniversaries and time. I’ve had a pretty outstanding 34 years. Earth shoots ups and downs at everyone. Considering what occurs on this planet, I’ll fairly state that my time has been breezy so far and I stay grateful for that – even during sporadic blog tantrums.

September is naturally my favorite month and for the first time yesterday, the atmosphere pinched cheeks with fingertips cool enough to invite hoodies out of the closet. Compared to the past two years, my birthday this year is going to be tame. The heart palpitations associated with transporting two small creatures from Australia to New York City is stressful business. I can’t really expose myself to any other high-risk activities at the moment.

Therefore, I plan to drape myself in shades of autumn, wrap an extra layer over me and stroll New York City streets admiring life, considering stories. I’ll likely purchase some sort of pumpkin coffee drink and perhaps eat cake at some stage.

Love to you and yours blog family. Even if it’s not your birthday, treat yourself to something sweet today. Every day, in fact.


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