tree initials. puppy flying.

It’s official blog family. THE PUPPIES ARRIVE SEPTEMBER 14! With my birthday on the tenth, there’s really no other present I could possibly ask for.

Although, Tim carving our initials in the tree in the backyard was quite a lovely surprise…

I’d say approximately 95% of my life is officially comfortably settled in Queens. Once my iMac and Internet are in order – watch out world!

It takes me the exact amount of time to get to my day job as when I was walking. Viva 75 m/p/h underground transport!

Puppies are essentially running my focus at the moment. I can’t wait to have them curled up in my lap while I finish those novel pages.

I updated my version of WordPress from my iPad and haven’t figured out how to post photos which is a bit whack… On that note… Off to dream.


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