i love to break phones

img_7640It has been a quiet week. I’ve been internal, I chanted a bit. I’ve been spending as much time as I can in the sun before winter sneaks up on me.

I also had the great pleasure of my phone breaking, completely. This means all contacts were lost, photos probably got erased. Of course I don’t back anything up on my phone. I’ll back my writing up, to a certain degree – but my phone?

That’s too much work.

In addition to the smashing of my iPhone6, I found a somewhat broken iPhone4 in my closet which has stepped up in its place.

I have swooned before over the idea of the phone-less, computer-less life I chase. One day I’ll be hiding in the mountains somewhere, for certain.

At the moment, there are two or three purposes I require the glowing devices. But I was stoked when the fancier one died.

I often enjoy being uncontactable.

Today is Friday, and since I’ve decided to do something special every Friday – tonight I’m going to pamper myself and prime my sacred space. With the enormous moon getting closer and closer to us, I’d like to have all housekeeping sorted out by Monday.

That includes physical and mental spaces. img_5689

I am putting together the menu for my next fast and reached out to my new exercise joint even though we all know that I secretly hate exercise. It’s necessary.

I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend of writing, with the puppies, after I’m done smartening up this evening.

There is no value to express in feeling better these days. The limping part was rough.

I’m just glad my phone broke.

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