emptiness. clips.

imageMy apartment is down to nearly empty. There are two pieces of furniture left, which are disposable, and closets that contain approximately two suitcases of contents.

Few things provide more comfort to a gypsy. I take pride in being able to collect everything I have, in under 15 minutes – and bounce. And while I have seven months until this will likely occur, I’m someone who likes to be prepared.

It was refreshing to toss out about 12 garbage bags of inadvertently accumulated rubbish. When you live alone, like I do, people always want to dump their old things on you. Things they can’t bring themselves to get rid of. I guess that’s where I come in, because Goddess knows I have no trouble tossing things out.

After I stripped my apartment bare, I made some new art for the walls. I made three collages that, to me, reflect my recent history – particularly what the luthier dragged me through and how I found my way back to mySelf.image

Collage continues to be a unique therapy for me. The weekend was exactly what I hoped it to be. I’m still readjusting to the sudden state of calm that overcame me after I was deceived, once again, by another shell of a human.

I’m still grateful for the last one though, much more than the others. It may have hurt the most, but it also – very briefly – made me the happiest I have ever felt on Earth.

That has to stand for something.

I didn’t see what I am in coming, but I’m interested to see where it gets me next. For now, I’m sticking to chanting and art… there isn’t much else I feel like being caught up in at the moment.


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