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IMG_0536I’ve been blessed to encounter a collection of Entrepreneurs as of late. I think it’s sexy that New York City is a legitimate hub of passion and ideas and people willing to dedicate their life to such a creative, sky-is-the-limit approach to existence.

I guess what I’m saying is that I have been more inspired than I have felt for a decent section of time. And we know how much I adore being inspired.

I find times of inspiration bring the most ideas and highest levels of productivity. I’ve been learning a lot, working a lot, writing a lot and feeling a lot. It seems to be a decent combination. IMG_0544

Fronkles is doing remarkably better. I’m in the process of writing Blue Pearl Vets to tell them, again, what an utter disappointment I found their “service” to be. I’m still tender over being charged $1100 for the advice of, “Keep doing exactly what you’re doing… Also, we have no idea what’s making him itch.”

Today it snowed, and I got a pedicure. I listened to music and wrote stories. I praised Goddess for the blessings I have and spun around in circles.

I encourage you to tell someone/thing that it matters, today. Hours bring unsuspected obstacles, it’s important to love spread while you can.

On that note, thank you for visiting Love Tribe. The concept of others exceeds beyond most daily perspectives on Earth.

Here’s to Art!


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