in 12 divine months

Today is my 12 month anniversary with Heath. We swam in the ocean this morning, we walked the puppies through secret forests.

I’ve been back in Australia for nearly 4 years now. Corona Fever has been making everyone crazy, but things seem like they’re cooling out.

I certainly picked an interesting time to set sail around the world once again.

There are certain things I miss about the US, mainly New York City is the only thing I long for here and there.

That said, where I am is Gucci. It’s amazing to think that I’ve been with my soulmate a year. No one credits love anymore, too many humans lived washed out in their own woes.

I really took a break from the world over the past 12 months and it’s been wildly divine. I’ve been dwelling 43 years now, 20 of those in full throttle gypsy mode.

I finally feel settled into my true Self, it’s what I was setting off to do when I started this webpage. Back when I needed a distraction from the six years of a trashed love life that I traded to build myself future opportunities.

And Lord, have those opportunities sent me sailing. All the way to Heath.

If you haven’t started listening to Heathen Down Under yet, you should.

Finding someone you’ve been looking for your entire life is surreal. For those of you who have been weaving around here since 2009, you’ve seen a lot of suckers come and go.

And I didn’t even mention most of them…

After awhile I was totally washed with loser men. Like, I dealt with way too many of them. Not even just as lovers, I dealt with them professionally, I dealt with them in random civic situations.

Thank God I found who I was chasing before I honestly checked out. Karma is funny like that, regardless of how strong your soul is. I believe there are a set list of tasks your life is destined to present as we move along.

I ticked the boxes. Now life restarts all over. It’s wild and beautiful as ever, just glowing a different light these days. I’ve lusciously indulged in nothing outside the beam of true love for a year now.

I’m stoked to see what the next 12 months brings… but I’m ever content in each breath these days.

It’s stayed like that since I found Heath hiding in my back yard, exactly one year ago.

Strap in love tribe. 2022 is banging along and it’s only just started…

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