two months along

DSCN0192One coming-along book, two coming-along scripts, one finished short-film script, a handful of new jokes, a notebook full of poetry and ink spilt here and there.

I suppose this is a pretty decent achievement for the two month mark. The one curve of my mission is that I expected to be in a sublet by now. However I’m finding my dips in and out of town might be a better approach. This is basically because once I’m in the city all I want to do is run around… house arrest at least keeps me on writing lock down.

When I first decided to come over for a few months, I was planning on staying in the city and working on my latest book. As life has it… my voyage is unravelling and inspiring lot of new projects… like my blog, for example.

So I’ll keep moving in this direction for the next two months and change. I signed up to BackStage… maybe I’ll just be an actress instead… it seems a lot easier (just kidding all my acting people, I know you get just as screwed as the writers…)

Onward ho!!

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