itchy feet with a side of hyperventilation

Over the coming weeks a gaggle of our cult collection is landing in New York City and I shall dance them up and down this town.

And then I’m out…

Not sure of exact dates because, as we all know my pile of lovelies, that’s just how I get down. At this stage I’m not even certain how I’m surviving still. Although I must say the cheapness factor of writing is a historical attraction to the craft.

Give me ink and paper and send me on my way…

That said, I am in the early stages of devising my first workshop sessions. The satisfaction I continue to gain from encouraging others to seek deeper through Word Art is the divine force I’m riding at the moment. Just today fellow Artist and creature of all things beautiful Sid started a daily page of his own and shouted me out.

Wandering with my girlfriend two days ago she commented, ‘Gretchen. You have a pile of degrees…’ And I giggled and shuffled my feet nervously.

I’ve somewhat got studies on the back burner for a few reasons at the moment. For example: I have no idea what continent I live on, ever and I’m thinking I might be able to bring more benefit to aspiring Writers in my own way, rather than becoming the pusher of a curriculum I probably won’t feel that artistically aligned with.

At least I’ve gotten mega practice at being poor over these past 12 months… I reckon I’m getting pretty decent at it…

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