breathe in. breathe out. fly.

I slept most of today and dreamt of flying. I’m a lucid dreamer and have been since I was a kid. Flying dreams remain my favorite.

I’m still spinning in a state of surrealism over how long I’ve been tapping away at this page. Last year this exact time I was back in the States, working on scripts. One of those movies is now in post-production being edited by CJ.

Paralleling this track of my work I’m considering other pieces of life that need to be tightened. To be true, I feel much better now than I did last year during the same time – but there’s a click I require to move into the next phase.

I think part of the click means being more honest about who I really am, what I believe about this world… how I can twist this into a shape of surviving. I’ve been short-listed for a few gigs in Manhattan offering me insane dollars to wear nylons and pretend like I care about anything corporate. I used to be good at doing that…

It seems quite a few things about me have changed over this wild twelve months of writing. I’m taking it all in.

I’m writing it all down.

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