january two

Well blog family, the dreaded January detox┬áis officially upon us. To make the jump off even more enjoyable, a cold has snuck in to clog my head. I IMG_2545think it’s the Universe getting its own revenge for all the times I consciously clog my head.

We all have our vices.

Yesterday morning I had the worst caffeine headache ever, complimented with icky cold stuff. Oh, and I was also hungover. New Year’s Eve seems to bring forth that condition. Particularly when you’re running around the Times Square District with your best friend and a pair of Aussie tourists.

I spent most of yesterday in bed. I had big aspirations of getting up and clicking keys. But in the end, sleeping won the debate. I was essentially zonked out all day.

Most of my life is still focussed on helping Peanut adjust. I’ve been back and forth about rescuing her a little friend from a local shelter, but I know it’s still too soon. I think if I get another puppy at this stage Peanut will just be even more confused, and possibly sadder.

I bought her a frozen bone tonight, it’s her favorite goodie since landing in the states. Happy times like this are very useful when managing caffeine withdrawal.

2 thoughts on “january two

  1. Ahh yes… that first day of the new year is always tinted with the after effects of farewelling the old year. Mine was filled with the shuffling of reluctant feet and a foggy brain. Hope 2013 will be a great one for you, Gretchen, with the flow of words intoxicating the senses more than a liquid musing can ever do. With much love. xoxo

    1. Exquisitely stated. A divine new year to you dear Cos, with travels and tales galore. One of these days when the Americans give me a few days off, we can partake in liquid musing at the Wesley Anne. x o x

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