the dreaded january detox

Every January I detox. What this basically entails is a vegan diet with no coffee or booze. To be honest the only thing I really miss is the coffee, and 100_1405the craving usually mends after a week or so.

I don’t detox because it’s ‘trendy’ or because I’m completely unfit like Oprah with no self control over what I choose to put in my body. It’s actually something spiritual.

I spent some time viewing some previous blog posts and piecing together the collage that they paint about who I am… it’s interesting. Obviously there are enormous gaps I’m left pondering in terms of what I do and don’t say about life, the real reasons I came back to the States, and beliefs that are sacred to me… things that essentially create who I am and my inspiration to write.

Hopefully the detox will refresh my body in a way that leads to some new ideas about the direction I’ll go with web writing… a mysterious world that I am still exploring.

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