just rip my clothes off

I was stressed today and planned on staying that way.

However, there were a number of factors attempting to smash my state of strife. There were my girls refilling my vodka in the name of it being Friday. There were friends in foreign countries giggling over the phone at me with irresistible “What?“s

But I was determined blog family. I was determined to be negative and crank-like because although earlier in the week I swore I would know what’s up with life by now… Friday has arrived, and I still have no clue.

I came home after a night out and complained to the puppies. When they ignored me, I taunted them with the sleeve of my shirt. In their mouth it went! In their mouth… out… in… out…

And suddenly…

… I have no shirt.

After my shirt got eaten I was more determined than ever to battle European time zones in search of a settling voice. You know those sounds that you swear shouldn’t be as comforting as they are? The ones you dream about and pretend like you can’t remember…

I chased one of those.

The end result is a bit of midnight cloud walking. It’s a full moon. I’m in a big empty house (bar two puppies with shirt stuck between their teeth). There’s a notebook and gel pen staring at me.

The notion of poetry spilling from experience once again excites me.

… shirts are over rated.

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