kisses to earth

Writers have different preferences for how we work, quirky things we seek out. I have friends that require utter silence, I know people who love clicking keys in coffee houses or libraries.

For me personally, my favorite place to write creative pieces is amongst a crowd. While sometimes I value the focus I gain in a quiet place – particularly if I’m editing, I prefer a bit of company.

I think because I grew up in such a big family, I’ve become accustomed to the background sound of laughter and chatter. I also think because I tend to spend so much time solo, something about being amongst activity while I fall to the background slinging stories suits me.

On this note, our world of blog adds its own exquisite collection of company… all over Earth. So far this month, FollowMeToNYC tribal members have visited our land from over fifty different countries! My eyes popped out of my head this morning scrolling the list of flags to appear in the daily statistics that reflect who’s taking a minute to visit our land of word-ly love.

Or perhaps I should say worldly love?

I can’t quite find words for the ways this inspires me, I reckon I’ll write some poetry about it later on.

For now, I’m back to the book. Wherever you are in the world, love and light to you and Ours.

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