i want to wrap you up & give you kisses

Namaste blog family

Seven hours from now a car will arrive to take me into what feels like unknown territory. The next time we gather live it will be from my beloved Australia.

Considering the amount of words and ideas and inspiration that being in New York City and in the company of my US tribal members has brought… I can’t even imagine what returning to the pieces that construct my other half in AUS will bring.

The heaviness that has been looming above me for the past two weeks is slowly dissipating. The alphabet soup of my brains that switched down to an inadvertent simmer is beginning to boil with ideas. Two nights ago bidding my brother (I don’t really believe in the whole ‘in-law’ thing) adieu, the clencher for my script came to me. The big A-HA!! element of conflict that will rapidly carry me through the ending.

I wanted it to be good… it’s coming out spectacular.

CJ and I never got to shoot the zombie mini-script but he’s going to see to it over the coming weeks. Once the thriller full length is completed, I’ll return to the comedy script with less pressure on myself.

I’ve started playing with a YA novel that I’m looking forward to pursuing more of as soon as I settle back ‘home’. And I will naturally keep swimming in short stories and poetry.

The past twelve days have been hard and I’ve missed working, that said… let’s talk about YOU.

This morning when I peeked at my traffic with one hand over my eyes… it’s still well over 100 cult members checking… from where?

Italy, Japan, Ireland (shout out to Cathal!) Mexico, Australia, Malaysia, the States, Russia, Netherlands, England, South Korea, France, Philippines, India, Sweeden and possibly a few more places yet…

I want to learn to say ‘I love you’ in every language.

Getting published does not give you immediate exposure to the world like I have here at my fingertips and it blows my mind. I guess it’s just important to me to thank each and every one of you for sharing a few minutes of your day with me. You have all made me smile on what I was expecting to be a horrendous morning.

See you in Australia best-blog-family / creative cult in existence.

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