laughter. learning things.

img_0058My weekend was filled with a lot of laughter. This week I have a four day course, I’m looking forward to learning new things. I’m a tremendous advocate of mind expansion.

As a professional Writer, it’s important that I take any class offered to me. The more styles I’m familiar with, the more valuable I am at work. I really like the company I work for, so I’m keen to get my head around some unfamiliar concepts this week.

It officially feels like winter: cold, dark days with occasional shots of sunlight breaking through. I’m trying to figure out which winter exercise I’m going to do this year. Last year I was gym-ing, however since my apartment is essentially empty at the moment – living room yoga seems to be working so far.

There’s a certain hibernation quality to winter that I love and loathe. Sometimes it’s nice to be forced to slow down. Still, I’m looking forward to the day I relocate back to the tropics. I’m a windows open, top down type of girl.

Yesterday I watched the New York Giants lose with David at a collection of midtown pubs. I personally prefer Soccer, or Aussie Rules football – but half gallon cocktails can make any sport entertaining, I reckon.

Now I’m off to edit a paper for work before I jump the five train downtown to Wall Street for learning things.

Stay blessed beautifuls.

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