making stuff. go go go.

So we all know I’m back in apartment mission mode. It’s essentially all-consuming. Every morning I wake up ready to get clickin, phone calls all day, head shakes and eyes rolled at real estate agents… then somehow, abracadabra.

I looked at a somewhat not terrible place yesterday and am booked for two more today. Miraculously, I’m actually going to look at one uptown that’s on the same exact street as the puppy paradise my evil landord played me out of a few weeks back.¬†Only this time I’ll save the $1300 fee that would have been attached to the last deal… fingers and toes crossed blog tribe!

There are a few stories I’m kicking around. A couple new extraordinarily dark, bite-y ones. I tend to like those.

It’s a beautiful August morning in New York City. I can’t believe it’s been just about 12 months since I got here. Landed my favorite job – now onto puppies… and sooner or later that whole book published thing will pile on top.

In two weeks-ish a pair of my Australian family is coming to this amazing city for a quick frolic. I’ve missed my girls so terribly…

Here’s to counting days.

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  1. To think that soon you will be reunited with the beautiful pair and your beautiful puppies! Makes me shiver with happiness for you Gretchen. Love and light, and counting days with wet tongue exhilaration for all the kisses, hugs and laughter arriving so soon xxx

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