a yard for the babies

I explored Queens today and discovered across the river a new apartment with an outdoor paradise for two small puppies that will arrive within weeks.

Naturally, being New York City, my rent will be more than most mortgages, but I’ll have a YARD! Not only will I have a yard, I’ll have an OFFICE! The apartment is a two bedroom, which will be an entirely new land compared to the studio I have been tucked in for nearly twelve months now.

While I will miss my midtown tower, I know that moving ten minutes out of town is in the best interest of the babies. I’m kind of having a heart attack about them going on an airplane, and considering that Richard Branson never got back to me about helping out with private flight arrangements – I’m in somewhat of a pickle. 

I know someone in Australia who transported a similar furry creature named Goose to Brooklyn. So I know it can be done. The puppies are already pissed off enough about me bouncing again for too many months, I don’t imagine the idea of a 20 hour flight is going to thrill them.

HOWEVER! When they see that I have arranged for a sweet crib in Queens with a yard of their own and peaceful sidewalks to pull me around on when we play bike… I’m hoping all will be forgiven.

Once the puppies arrive, I reckon I’ll feel a whole new sense of official.

I think that means I’ll have to publish that novel I’m always blah-ing on about…

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