more green

My new block has very much more green on it than my present midtown strip. While there are gardens about and a few trunks extending from footpaths, east midtown Manhattan
doesn’t quite deliver the same leafy tunnels that stretch around the blocks of  Sunnyside, Queens.

I can’t wait for the puppies to pull their bike around the empty streets. They’re going to be rapt.

Yesterday we wandered through the neighborhood, played in train yards and observed the skyline from across the water. I’ve spent the last 12 months admiring the Queens skyline from Manhattan – the next 12 will be spent admiring the Manhattan skyline from Queens.

There’s a unique excitement to moving. That’s probably why I’m addicted to it. I like leaving spaces and stories behind. Abode bouncing remixes life in a way I tend to chase. I’ve never been as excited about a place as the one I’m moving into… four miles away in a sea of green.

I believe I may have found a page design I actually don’t mind after a few days of mindlessly clicking and reading instructions on menus and things I don’t ordinarily pay too much mind to.

Today I’m going to Corona Park in Flushing. Yet another fun land for the puppies to explore when they arrive

The air tastes like autumn. It’s nearly my birthday. My two ladies arrive this Thursday. I’m moving in a few seconds. The puppies will be here within weeks.

Click click click.


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