my self experiment (a re-cap)

231 consecutive page updates is full on.

Life is a crazy game filled with action… but I do believe my last few months have been a decent roller coaster ride… one with at least three loops.


Ran away from job after I learned my ‘boss’ back then was actually Satan. Bounced out of Australia and frolicked all over the greater New York City area for four months writing my ass off. Came back to Brisbane in February and crashed from tribal withdrawal after the first month. Started to edit more than write to produce some type of book-like object. Slowly began going mad from seclusion and ended up working again… this time with a lovely group of people that let me play with words all day.

Did I leave anything out?

Oh yeah now I’m moving to Melbourne in two days… but then I’m coming back to Brisbane for like three weeks… give or take much time.

Feeling heavy after lots happening over hours I’ve lost count of, I came across a poem that made me feel lighter. It’s one that I had technically decided to leave out of the anthology at one stage… back when I nearly got organized.

Then bloody life started going wild again and the poet processing it all overtook the admin temp that was supposed to be sorting out the whole layout thing…


ascending aspiration

(strong) dedicated. driven
beyond the extent of my stretched back
(reaching) my hands cannot contain…
broad shoulders. imagine
(spinning) across the outside.
inside eyes
(silent) tries of telling. but…
i don’t require these efforts, not with
my (ambition) my…
new ways of trying to convey
how i’m (flying)
captivated by such ability
to feel like me; to understand us.
(trust) nothing asked for is worth
to receive, offerings of ecstasy –
pieces of your…

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