N.F.A is the new F.Y.I… ps. NYC!!!!

I’m here I’m HERE!!! And FYI… totally NFA…

Not fucking around.


After a very long flight that involved sitting next to a Scientologist bikey from Western Australia who ended up giving me a koala in parting (long story…) I made it!

I literally danced out of JFK airport to an 8pm greeting of daylight savings (which Queensland, AUS still refuses to invent) and the embrace of a balmy atmosphere filled with rattling subway trains and island accents.

I am in the hills of Connecticut for a day… then it’s on.

So on…

Apparently I got here just in time because my mother fractured her knee cap yesterday toddling around and my help will be handy. I’m very helpful you know… I immediately explained to her that the bottle of Vicodin she picked up from the chemist for two bucks and change has a street value of around eighty… so if her and my father want to earn a little cash on the side during their retirement, now might be the time.

I bloody love being back… and I’ve only been here three hours.

Something I wrote above the clouds:

an ode to the light in your eyes

Classical music in the sky… sings… you…
My heated amore. Water holding sun.
Revealing. Myself. Without any clues.
My desire, a web. Cautiously spun.
Salt water cleanse. Purification. Soul.
Silent admiration. Attempt. Hold back.
Now. I must ask. Do you often feel whole?
I believe. Once chance. To resolve your lack…
Sharing devotion in swirls of blue ink.
Syllables. Sensations. You in my dreams.
Consumption of mind. Much deeper than think.
Understand my essence disguised as bold.
An unspoken invite, felt and untold.

12 thoughts on “N.F.A is the new F.Y.I… ps. NYC!!!!

  1. What I wouldn’t give to be in NYC right now. Only took one (ten week) visit to make me long for New York as if it were my home. Beautiful poem, Gretchen. I felt the sky.

    1. thank you so much Dina! the fact that it’s summer adds instant new textures of delicious to the city… make sure you get back soon 🙂

  2. Weclome home Gretch ! Looking forward to hearing the NY Cello again, plus the time difference isn’t as bad! Good on ye girl

  3. Aw, hugs to your mom Gretchy! I’m so happy that you’ve made it back in one piece. I’ll be flying all day tomorrow, but can’t wait to chat! XOXO!!!

  4. Glad you are home to help A. Val ! Sorry to hear about that and to have missed your visit!!! Enjoy your stay !!!

    1. thank you so much joanie!! they say she’ll be off her feet for eight weeks… i reckon she’s secretly happy about that 😉 one of these times i will catch you when i’m here!

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